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miracles week → day five: one-on-one

Ultimate dream match: Rakuzan vs. Touou Academy — Akashi vs. Aomine


Number XIII: Roxas. A boy, newly aware of himself. His light shines as bright and as brief as the setting sun. 

wayward-wayfinder and annie--s asked: Sora or Roxas

So one of Himchan’s fansite came to the LOE Chicago and their plan was to hold up banners that said ‘Happy Birthday Himchan’ during the ‘nananananana’ part in Crash and look how shock and happy he looked when the banners were held up!~


Baby don’t cry ;0;

Oh, no! Why are you naked?!


Haikyuu!! 17 : Kageyama Tobio

INSPIRITs, make sure you’re watching INFINITE’s Back Music Video on Woollim’s Youtube Channel!

Woollim will release the Performance Version of Back if the music video hits 2,500,000 views. If it gets 3,500,000 views, Woollim will release the dance practice!

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

↳ Requested by Mrsbaka.